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What is Morse Industries About?

An innovative company forged from the unrelenting pursuit of higher performance from a complete system. Just like professional motorsport, the smallest and even seemingly insignificant change can radically change the dynamics, character and consistency of the system as a whole. We succeed in manufacturing and hand finishing each and every product with equal parts of Pride & Precision.  

Our first claim to fame are our upgrade Bipod Spikes that fit 99% of all Harris & similar "notched leg" style bipods. Originally designed for military & special forces use now available to all hunters and enthusiasts! 

See What Others Are Saying About Our Bipod Spikes!

Gavin Gear of Ultimate Reloader

Bryce Bergen of LRSU

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Jeff Brozovich of Long Range Only

6.5 Guys

ruger precision rifle mods
bipod spikes
harris bipod
bipod foot

Morse Industries Bipod Spikes

- Fits Any Harris/Caldwell/Blackhawk or "notch leg" bipod!

- Grip on ANY Surface, Car Hoods, Tile Roofs, Barricades, Smooth Concrete...

- Dramatically Increased Stability!

- Faster & Tighter Follow up Shots!

- Easier Self Spotting!

- Reduced Shooter Fatigue!

- Rugged Good Looks!

- Loved by Hunters, Competitors, Bad Ass Operators & Law Enforcement!


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Order a pair of our Bipod Spikes here, you can checkout with credit card as a guest even without a paypal account. 

Our products are also available via email @ or available on Amazon Prime here

Now with Free Shipping!

carry clip
universal holster
concealed carry clip
1911 holster

Universal Carry Clip


- Sleek, RELIABLE, Efficient & Ergonomic Design

- Replaces Bulky, Expensive, Hot & Sweaty Holsters

- Lowest Profile Way to Carry, PERIOD

- Increased Comfort While Driving or Sitting 

Eliminates "Holster Wear"

- Non-Reflective Powder Coat for Concealment







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Replaces bulky, hot, uncomfortable and expensive traditional holsters. Takes all the frustration out of finding a "holster/pants/belt" combination. WILL NOT DAMAGE the finish on your gun! Stays on su per strong with the cutting edge aerospace adhesive and removes PERFECTLY CLEAN with no frustration or special chemicals! With this product you can have the perfect placement on your waistline regardless if your wearing jeans and a belt or GYM SHORTS & T SHIRT! Each package includes multiple aerospace adhesive strips for easy removal and installation on different guns. Makes trying new carry positions very easy. 

muzzle brake
ultralight muzzle brake
lightweight muzzle brake
22 muzzle brake

AL-1 ULTRA LIGHT Muzzle Brake

- ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT reduces barrel harmonic inconsistencies related to barrel heat = better accuracy!


- SUPER EFFICIENT baffle design for MAXIMUM recoil reduction & muzzle climb

- Increased point-ability due to Ultra Light weight

-R ATED FOR USE .17hmr, .17wsm, .22lr-22mag & FN 5.7x28

Nicknamed the "Casper" because of its Ghostly light weight of under 1oz!

Put one on your plinker or varmint setup today!

Comes as 1/2x28 threads

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